The Lion in our Living Room Live Performance 

Duration: 40 minutes

Ages: 3 – 8 years

The performance includes:

  • A fun 40-minute performance based on the characters and the story of ‘The Lion in our Living Room.’
  •  Audience participation with singing, dancing and answering questions.
  • Puppetry – The performance features the large lion puppet, as well as many of his friends; penguin, polar bear, monkey, hare and mouse.
  • Tailored musical soundtrack during the performance.
  • Book reading of The Lion in our Living Room.
  • A portable backdrop to create a theatrical atmosphere.
  • A focus on fun whilst exploring concepts such as friendship, co-operation and belonging.


A triumph! You were superb and the children had a delightful time’ – Maureen O’Shea, Sunshine Coast Librarian

Thank you Emma! Such a well organised and thoughtful workshop – the kids loved it! It was a complete joy to have you here at Riverbend’ – Vicky Tosh, Riverbend Books


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