Emma Middleton is a picture book author, illustrator, children’s performer and former ballerina who lives near Noosa, Queensland. After a career in performing arts, during which time she danced for the Vienna Ballet, she returned to Australia to direct and teach at The Brighton Dance Academy. Now Emma writes fun-filled and heart-warming stories for children. She combines her passions of writing, teaching, music and performing by presenting theatrical storytelling and puppetry performances based on the characters from her books. Emma is the author of companion picture books, ‘The Lion in our Living Room’ and ‘The Bear in our Backyard,’ both published by Affirm Press. 

‘My books and children’s performances open the door to the delightful experience of imaginative and creative thinking. Children who are given the opportunity to retain their creativity become the visionaries and creative thinkers of the next generation.’ Emma Middleton

Emma writes fun and engaging stories that encourage a love of reading as well as developing early literacy skills through rhyme and repetition. Emma brings the joy of storytelling to life through theatrical presentations for children with the use of puppets, music, story, song and dance, as well as offering workshops for upper primary. These fun and interactive presentations allow children to connect with story and allow a time for children’s creativity to flourish.

Emma’s passion is to create children’s literature that enhances and promotes the inner space of a child, giving them the means to hold a sense of wonder, delight and unlimited possibility.

The wellspring for Emma’s creative passion is fed by many past and present tributaries but it has two main sources.

The first was a childhood that was allowed to celebrate slow time, nature and creative play. A time and place that Emma feels is the right of every child.

The second was a career in the creative world of professional ballet. One that at its pinnacle saw Emma dance for the Vienna Ballet. And then post-retirement the deeply rewarding experience of teaching, at her own ballet school, to a generation of children.

Now, Emma feels she has found in children’s literature, a place where her two past worlds have a natural synergy. Her books combining her deeply-valued experiences of childhood with the drama, rhythms and colour of ballet.


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