Emma’s passion is to create children’s literature that enhances and promotes the inner space of a child, giving them the means to hold a sense of wonder, delight and unlimited possibility.

The wellspring for Emma’s creative passion is fed by many past and present tributaries but it has two main sources.

The first was a childhood that was allowed to celebrate slow time, nature and creative play. A time and place that Emma feels is the right of every child.

The second was a fifteen-year career in the creative world of professional ballet. One that at its pinnacle saw Emma dance for the Vienna Ballet. And then post-retirement the deeply rewarding experience of teaching, at her own ballet school, to a generation of children.

Now, Emma feels she has found in children’s literature, a place where her two past worlds have a natural creative collision. Her books combining her deeply-valued experiences of childhood with the drama, rhythms and colour of ballet.

Contact: emmamiddleton100@gmail.com