Can You Guess?

Out in September 2019.

Published by Affirm Press.


Purchase The Lion in our Living Room here.

‘A perfect picture book for reading aloud.’ Thuy On (Junior Bookseller and Publisher Today)

‘I adore this book for so many reasons.’ Shaye Wardrop (Kids Book Review)

‘Tom and Tilly wish and wonder,

will the lion come?’

Will he come and visit them for lots of lion fun?’


Purchase The Bear in our Backyard here.

‘Middleton’s prose is lilting and merry, enchanting readers all the way to the surprise ending. Gentle rhyme maintains the musical quality of this story along with an enticing air of mystery and expectation. Witty, clever and oozing with big-hearted affection, The Bear in our Backyard is a definite winner to share with your kids.’ Dimity Powell Boomerang Book Reviews.

‘Does she sleep? Shall we peek?

Is it really Bear?

Shall we sneak outside and see if Bear is really there?’


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