Why I Love Children’s Books

What is there not to love about children’s books? I have always been caught in their spell. As a child I would spend the holidays copying the pictures from my favourite books. I was so inspired by May Gibbs’ charming gum blossom babies, that I planted my very own flowering gum two metres from our back door. In my child’s mind I did not think to check the potential height of this tree, and ten years later, when the tree towered above our little house, it had to be cut down. That was a sad day.
Perhaps I should have also taken more notice of the wicked Mrs. Snake, as it was through the same back door, that I once brought in a beautiful snake I had found in the bushes to show mum. She was not impressed. After this, I was kept inside for awhile, and taught how to sew mice from felt. But that is another story.
Now, as an adult, I have had the immense pleasure of experiencing children’s books from the perspective of a parent, and hope to some day have my own manuscripts published.
Blog_Image_2Blog_Image_1I was fortunate to illustrate,”Were You Still Dreaming Ruby?” by Steve McGlaughlin. One of the many delights of this project was the opportunity to conduct book readings and craft activities with local children. We were warmly welcomed by bookstores including, Berkelouw’s Book Barn Eumundi, and The River Read, as well as local kindergartens.
Soon, I will post some photos of a book reading, and little pantomime I will be performing at a local kinder, with the help of a lovely young princess.

One thought on “Why I Love Children’s Books

  1. Gday Emma
    I’m just wondering I have the outline of a unconventional left field kids picture book that needs some pro bono structure. I am a primary school teacher/organic gardener/chef living in Noosa
    The guts of the book deals with how main stream education takes away children’s light and how that feeling navigates their life.
    Complaining without a solution is a waste of time, this is my solution.
    Hope to co create with you on this idea
    I read your bio, My mum was a ballerina and we lived in a dancing studio such a creative time

    Ciao tony


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