The Great Aussie Animal Easter Egg Hunt

Written and illustrated by Emma Middleton

Published by Affirm Press.

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The Lion in our Living Room

Published by Affirm Press. 

Please purchase The Lion in our Living Room here.

The Lion in Our Living Room is a rrrrip-roaring story about dads, the kings of the living room, and the special moments families share. Perfect for reading aloud with a playful parent or lion.

A perfect picture book for reading aloud.’ Thuy On (Junior Bookseller and Publisher Today)

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Available at all good book stores and online.

Teacher notes and activities for ‘The Lion in our Living Room’ are available through Lamont Books here.

Emma reads The Lion in our Living Room.



The Bear in our Backyard

Published by Affirm Press.

Please purchase The Bear in our Backyard here. 

‘Does she sleep? Shall we peek?

Is it really Bear?

Shall we sneak outside and see if Bear is really there?’

There’s a bear sleeping in Tom and Tilly’s backyard – what will happen when they wake her up?
With whimsical illustrations and sweet rhyming text, The Bear in our Backyard is a delightful tribute to the small and magical moments that mums create every day. The story cleverly weaves in multi-layered themes as it encourages creative playfulness and introduces a new baby to the family. A warm celebration of mummy bears everywhere!
(Comes with a card for mum.)

‘Witty, clever and oozing with big-hearted affection.’ Dimity Powell Boomerang Books Blog.


Can You Guess?

Published by Affirm Press.

Can You Guess?


Clover’s Big Ideas

Written by Georgie Donaghey
Illustrations by Emma Middleton

“One inspiring little lamb, three mischievous young boys and an unlikely friendship. Being the smallest in the paddock isn’t easy. Clover’s always teased by the other lambs. When Shadow, Stu and Duncan’s teasing goes too far, can Clover and her big ideas rescue them from their own silliness? Discover how Clover shows being little makes her more determined and clever than they could ever imagine.”

Available at all good book stores and online.


The Dream Bird

Written by Aleesah Darlison
Illustrated by Emma Middleton
‘Once upon a time in a faraway land there lived the rarest of rare birds. The Dream Bird.
‘The Dream Bird is an absolutely exquisite visual and imaginative treat that takes its readers on a fanciful flight from a state of playful awakening to the cosy slumber of dreamland. Such a memorable and warming story by picture book expert, Aleesah Darlison, mesmerisingly illustrated by talented newcomer, Emma Middleton.’ Romi Sharp Boomerang Books Blog.
 ‘Aleesah’s text is so beautifully wrapped in an almost ethereal swirl of illustrations which evoke the cross-over between reality and fantasy.’  Review by Sue Warren

Were You Still Dreaming, Ruby?

Written by Steve McGlaughlin
Illustrated by Emma Middleton
“Ruby was still dreaming when it was time to wake up. She stretched and stretched and rubbed her eyes, but her eyelids just kept closing. Ruby’s dad smiled and whispered in her ear, “Were you still dreaming, Ruby?” Ruby just nodded and snuggled in close …”

Were You Still Dreaming, Ruby? is a beautiful portrayal of the love between a father and his daughter and their shared love of dreams.

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