Curious Creatures in the Summer Reading Club


Blogging with the Sumer Reading Club has been a fabulous opportunity to connect with enthusiastic young readers and writers across Australia.

Created for children and young people pre-school age to 17, the Summer Reading Club is led by the State Library of Queensland and offers activities, competitions and online forums to inspire a love of libraries and reading.

I was honoured to be chosen as one of two guest bloggers along with Dr Cameron Stelzer to blog on the topic of Curious Creatures. This was the perfect springboard to discuss the intriguing aspects of reading and writing and the wealth of animals represented in children’s literature.

We explored the lion and bear characters in my picture books, ‘The Lion in our Living Room,’ and ‘The Bear in our Backyard,’ as well as the inspiration behind the stories. We discussed animal facts and observations, how other authors describe animals in their writing, what animals often symbolise, and we explored books that teach us how to assist animals in their natural environment. From fantastical creatures to having fun with alliteration and illustration, the topic of Curious Creatures provided a perfect springboard.


I was blown away by the enthusiasm of the children and their in-depth knowledge across the spectrum of children’s literature – their love of reading was palpable. One post alone received 127 responses! It was a unique opportunity to engage children over the long summer holidays, answer their questions about the writing process and how they can improve their skills.


Thank you to the amazing team at the State Library of Queensland, especially Natasha Ratajczec, who brilliantly masterminds the whole program. It was an honour to be involved and yet another example of the vital role that libraries play in our lives.


Now I have the impossible task of deciding who wins the prize pack!


10 thoughts on “Curious Creatures in the Summer Reading Club

  1. What a fabulous event to be a part of Emma. It sounds like a lot of children were engaged with the project. How wonderful to know that we have a literate youth growing up in our midst.


  2. Lana Goodall says:

    Hi Emma,
    It’s me, Lana from the Summer Reading Club! It’s good to know that once the Club ends, I can visit you here! It is a lovely website you have, and I have watched the video of you reading the Lion in the Living Room book. I like how you made the funny voices for the characters!
    Hope to chat soon,
    Your faithful fan,
    Lana Goodall


  3. Lana Goodall says:

    Hi Emma
    My father got your email about me winning the prize! Thank you so much Emma! I can’t believe I won!
    I can’t wait for my prize to arrive!
    Yours most gratefully,
    Lana Goodall


  4. Lana Goodall says:

    Dear Emma
    Was this your first time at the Summer Reading Club? Will you come again?
    Lana Goodall
    Did you buy the prize pack yourself? And will it come in my PO box or my letter box?


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