Book Review¬†‘Hello Rainbow’

hello_rainbowRhonda Brown has perfectly captured the joy of colours and colour mixing in her lovely picture book ‘Hello Rainbow.’ Children are naturally drawn to colours and Rhonda has brought them to life with her fun rhyming text. The book begins with a description of coloured objects, and Trevor Salter has cleverly enhanced the text with amusing pictorial anecdotes on every page.

Two colours are then brought together, and through colour mixing, they produce the secondary colours.

‘Blue yellow

Yellow blue

Mix the two in a blue-yellow brew…


Again, this is depicted in a fun child-centric manner.

Finally, the colour mixing is complete and a beautiful rainbow is formed. The rhyme, amusing illustrations, and the educational element of colour mixing in this book will make it a favourite with children and teachers alike.

‘Hello Rainbow,’ is published by Oombee Woombee Books.